A lot of people ask for the recipe to make Nun Chai or Kashmiri Chai. In Srinagar and the areas around it, Nun Chai is the default Kashmiri Chai. Its a salty brew pink in colour. It is to be had hot, and I take mortal offence if someone calls it a soup. In case, […]

As I recall my college time and all the new experiences I had during my hostel days, most part of my mind is consumed by the food. It was a different world for me where maggi chapati counted as a special dinner and kadhi chawal was every one’s favorite. In the ocean of strangeness with […]

It was the Sommerfest at my university and our newly formed Intercultural Students Association had a job at hand – to prove its worth. Ideas were sought from all sides, all students of different heritage – Turkish, Persian, Afghan, Arab, Pakistani. And Kashmiri. The Summer festival is basically about food so, as a Kashmiri, I […]

Precisely at the moment I lost it, it became precious. Like lost lyrics to the songs which you remembered by heart once. There was no bread to be had, no czochwour and no company. Srinagar was a cool breezy house where afternoon echoed in through open doors. Empty. There was some nun chai, I was sure. But […]

  Guest Post by Sehar Saleem Saffron (Koe’ng in Kashmiri) is the king of spices and undoubtedly it deserves to be. Only a Kashmiri can understand how precious saffron is to us. Grown in Pampore, the beautiful and delicate violet colored flowers of saffron are picked carefully by hand, one at a time. It is […]

Fruit carts parked on the side of the road mark the changing of season in Kabul. Strawberries are now over and soon there will be mangoes. It is now the season of melons and cucumbers and you can start seeing the first watermelons. From the car, I noticed the other day a cart selling rhubarb: […]

Some of my friends in Kabul consider the Indian Aloo ka Parantha as a substitute to Bolani. (Thanks to all those dubbed Indian serials where they make Paranthas almost in every episode) All these years in Delhi, I’ve been eating Aloo Parantha every now and then but never thought of comparing. Though both are filled […]


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